261 – Even if the Mind Forgets, the Soul Remembers (3)

261 – Even if the Mind Forgets, the Soul Remembers (3)

A fair-skinned human girl no taller than the height of his waist, wearing a satin robe that was neither stained by blood or mud. Big eyes on a small face, perfectly arranged black hair in a style of braided bun, delicately balanced features that indicated she would surely grow into a gorgeous young lady given a few years.

Her adorable appearance made one have an urge to pinch her chubby cheeks, and if there were any females around, Ye Mo felt that they would fawn over how the little girl looked like a beautiful living, breathing doll.

‘And it’s not a sight that should be seen in the middle of a battlefield.’

Ye Mo tried to open his mouth to say something, but he remained unable to utter even a s

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