265 - The Girl Who Cannot be Remembered (2)

265 - The Girl Who Cannot be Remembered (2)

“This body is truly inconvenient.”

Little Yin sighed as she sat on the eaves of the roof, looking like a tomboy leisurely camping when in fact she’s trying to reconstruct her soul with the help of moonlight.

At first, she thought of leaving the Ye Clan while Ye Mo was unconscious. She felt like staying would give her a huge headache, but she was tied up by all the connections she made in this city.

The Qing Blessed Lands had officially entered the state of war.

Though communication was crippled, Little Yin was able to overhear the intelligence gathered by the hidden experts brought by the Purple Plumed General.

Immortal Wuwei’s timely arrival managed to save Ye Sect and the entire Leaf City, but that wasn’t the same with the other cities. Even the news about the situation in the imperial capital could not be found.

That little pretty boy, Qing Wu You, wanted to return to check on his family. Just last night, he came to visit her, asking if i
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