18 - A Yearning to Protect

As soon as she went into her opening sword stance, Zhi Ruo no longer looked like an elegant and fragile princess.

Zhi Ruo became a soft sword. She might be a woman in appearance, yet she was also a sword.

Sharp. Swift. Agile... Heartless!

Yes, she was heartless!

She was a woman who loved the sword and the sword alone.

She was a girl initially abandoned by all. Her mother had died at childbirth, not that her mother was from any great family to start with. Thus, she had no support and was left to fend off the internal scheming within her clan on her own. If not for Zhi Ruo's superior talent and hard work, she would have been just like any of her father's daughters from a concubine... a mere political pawn without a say about her future.

Yes, she is a proud woman. It was because she paved her own bloody path to where she's standing right now! She deserved to be

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