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"Meeting of the highest rank"

"Alpha, we hadn't seen the rogue who attacked the princess." "They were too experts; they hid all the possible things that could lead us to find them."

The alpha couldn't hide his anger. Just a few minutes ago, the member group of the hunter for food came to him, telling him that they haven't seen enough animals to add to their stock.

If their farm hadn't been buried by a huge landslide, food would not have been a problem for another year, but over the past few years, a lot of holes from above have been slowly eroding. A meter-sized hole, from above, was slowly getting bigger. Sometimes the alpha was afraid that someday the realm would be next to be buried in that soil that came from above. He has to know what is happening and why the hole is slowly sliding.

Yet his newest problem now is maybe the group of rogues who attack his daughter, who probably recognize Serena's identity by now.



I glare at the man before I follow Serena. My
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