15_ tears


"If I had known that my twin and you were alive, I might have attacked this kingdom that ruined my family a long time ago." "Mom had maybe seen my twin before she died.

"You're kidding me, right?" Killian?" That was Uncle Colton's utterance after a minute of being shocked by my presence.

I grin...

"You still think that I'm Killian?" Are you saying that you hadn't hidden from my brother that he has a twin? It seems not; I can see through his eyes the last time we met.

Uncle Colton shook his head.

"Kyzer? "Is that really you?"

I smirked, "glad you still remember."

Uncle steps closer to me.

Where the hell have you been? "What are you saying that will ruin your family?"

I look intently into my uncle's eyes. He seems to be telling the truth, but he doesn't know what truly happened to our family.

"I guess we had a lot of things to talk about. Yet first of all, we have to talk confidentially.



I raised an eyebrow as I saw Adriana standing in front of Kill
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