53_ my wolf


"Tell me all I need to know. You don't have to keep everything hidden from me. I knew I was the one who could open the old palace. According to Erich, royal blood was the key to unlocking the ancient palace. And we're all aware that I do have that blood. I had blood that you didn't have for whatever reason. But believe me, every royalty in the land where I originate from has a blood color like mine. I'm not sure why your blood is different. But we all have the same goal in life. And it was to go away in this remote location, right? So tell me what you want me to do, and I'll gladly do it."

I stated unequivocally. Despite the fact that I know I should see my father first. But this is an emergency. This is something I must do as well.

I stare at Eros, who stoops his head.

What's the matter with him? My head shook. I don't have time to examine him, so I return my attention to Ricky and Lilith.

"You can rely on me. I swear if I saw the chart, all of us would be out of here differen
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