60_ it's him

Third POV"

Why and when did the war start?"

A century ago, the world was already technologically advanced. Humans could not live without advanced technology. Despite this, the war between wolves and vampires is still lethal. The world has been ruined by advanced technology. So the witches intervened before they could destroy the earth. Instead of resolving the conflict, it has devolved into chaos. Not only were both side parts lost members, but the witch's leader fell in love with the vampire's leader. However, the entire witch clan disagreed with the leader. Instead, the witches worked tirelessly to assassinate their leader.

But, before those witches could kill their said leader, they were unaware that he had given birth.

A baby girl with the blood of both a vampire and a witch. Since she was a child, all of the creatures have been terrified of this woman because she has been a monstrous who has killed thousands of people simply by moving her hand.

Even more powerful creatures, s
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