64_ my mom's dead

Third POV

"Are you sure that we should go now? What if there were more dangerous things waiting for us there? We were just lucky because those snakes were flooded by water. We didn't lose too many people. But what if the next place was more dangerous? "

One of their rogue friends of Kyzer said.

"There's no harder way of dying other than to be buried alive. There is no way I will allow us to face that fate. We will fight for our lives. I'd rather want to fight than do nothing. I hope that's what all of you were thinking as well. "

All of the rogues come from the first underworld descendant of the wolves who has the blood of the royal bloodline and the hybrid agreed to what Kyzer had said. And they started to move to another run after resting somewhere in the middle of a forest that they were not familiar with. Yet they are still fighting for their dear lives.

Kyzer stopped for a moment when he noticed some familiar scents not far away.

"All of you stop! We have to hide somewhere. Someo
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