85_ come back


"Where is that damn royal blood soldier?"

The voice of a girl suddenly appears out of nowhere. However, a huge wolf with a white hue and the color of ... wait? the Princess's emerald eyes?

I shook my head. I don't want to think that the wolf would be the princess since we both know that we were just turned when the moon was full and sometimes if we were strong enough already, we were able to control our wolf form, so it would be up to us if we were going to turn that full moon.

But maybe because this is only the second time the princess has turned into a wolf, that is why her turning was unexpected.

I was looking intently into the wolf that, later on, was slowly changing into a beautiful girl who I am so familiar with.

All of the Crimson Blood pack amazingly looking at her. They were all happy, but when a fire suddenly came out of her hand and just pointed it at us, we panicked.

"She was not our Princess. I know Serena very well. Stay away from her! " I shouted, and some of t
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