88_ we made it- the end


The fire vanishes into thin air. I could still feel the heat all over my body while I was catching my breath.

I panicky searched my eyes to search for my brother.

then crawled into him slowly.

"Hey Killian, wake up bro. You couldn't die like this. "

I almost panicked while shaking his body.

"Don't worry, he was just healing inside. Just a few moments and he would wake up. "

I tilt my head up to the person who just talked.

I narrow my eyes. "Who are you, by the way?"

The woman smiles. She has curly black shiny hair. has a dark skin but is beautiful.

"I was the leader of the witches in the real world. when we sensed that the royal blood soldier was in danger. We make a sacrifice to return here inside the prison box.Even if we knew that we couldn't go back if the royal blood soldier died in the hands of the hybrid. Wanda is a thousand-year old half-witch, wolf, and vampire. Who do we think has already escaped from his coffin? The underworld that all of the creatures back then joint
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