5_ past

(A few years ago), the day Killian and Kyzer were born.

The Alpha's chamber door was ajar. Kevin, the pack's zeta, rushed off to tell the alpha that a large number of rebellious residents had gathered to rally. They suggested that we find a way to escape from this place. The reason for this was that our country was slowly deteriorating and if we didn't find a method of resurgence, our next generation would starve. Their primary food supply dwindled. He really wanted to inform the Alpha.

Nevertheless, he stops when he hears someone speaking. It's not in his nature to just eavesdrop on anyone's chat. However, this is an exception.

Salazar, what was that? What was the meaning of this? Don't fool me. I am not stupid. I can clearly see that it was a map to escape from this place. There was a map showing how to get there, what to do, and how to live on the surface. Why have you withheld this information? "

That was Luna speaking to the Alpha.

Because I promised my late father that no one would know there was a way to get to the top, an alpha was only for my family's heritage. I couldn't tell anyone about life below the surface because here I ensured that our family legacy would last forever. Unlike if I allowed us to climb to the top, my ancestor believed that the creature on above was far more powerful than we were. "

Kevin took a step back as he examined the ajar door, but the Alpha turned and noticed his Zeta. His eyes widened with fear. Zeta shook his head. You can tell from the look on his face that he was desperate. Zeta doesn't know what to do. He wants to run and let the others know what he heard, despite being a Zeta. He promises to do everything he can to listen and make sure everything he says and does is authorized by his Alpha.

"Kevin, stay where you are."

Hearing what his Alpha said, Zeta swallowed hard. However, he couldn't just stop. If he does, this will be his last day on earth.

He said, shaking his head.

"I'm sorry, Alpha." Then he turned and fled.

The Alpha looks at his wife with those green eyes mixed with irritation.

"We'll talk later," Alpha remarked as he sauntered out of her room.

Without his favorite Zeta, the Alpha immediately gathered his warriors.

Kevin, on the other hand, enters his mansion and informs his wife, Zoe, that they must flee. His younger brother, Colton, as well as identical twin sons, Killian and Kyzer,

"What's the matter, Kevin?"

"Please stop speaking. I will explain, but please follow my instructions. The Alpha would undoubtedly eliminate us all. We must flee this place immediately or we will die. "

Kevin glanced toward his twin sons. His wife had just given birth to a baby last night and yet this happened.

"What are you saying?"

"I said, stop talking, and bring whatever you can!"

Kevin's wife cries and then turns and does as her husband commands without asking any more questions.

The whole family picked up their pace.

Kevin whispered what he had seen earlier, and his wife listened, although she had no idea what was going on. What she understood was that there was a roadmap to the above.

Zoe, on the other hand, just shuts her mouth and keeps packing.

"You enter through the back entrance and walk faster. Kevin carried everything they owned, while his wife carried their son, Kyzer, and his brother, Killian.

However, as they fled, they heard a large number of soldiers approaching.

Kevin found they had to take different paths to confuse whoever was following them. All he thinks about is survival or maybe his family. He would give his life to protect his family.

"Colton! Straight ahead right, Zoe; straight ahead left, Zoe. Assure me you will do whatever it takes to survive. Please live for me. "

Zoe's tears only started to flow last night. Her family was happy about the birth of their twins. She wouldn't realize that every smile and laugh had a cost. They had to cover the cost.

She doesn't want to go, but her husband is forcing her to. She later discovered that an arrow had been impaled through Kevin's back.

"No, Kevin! Please don't. "

"Zoe, please go."

"No, I won't leave you!"

"Yes, you can, for the sake of our sons!"

Zoe takes a deep breath. She was ready to die that night, but her son had to survive.

Another line of arrows darted toward them. Her eyes widened as she took in what she saw. She swallowed hard and closed her eyes, but she had a distinct impression that her husband was hugging her. Since most darts are caught by her husband's body, she can feel the bloody puke on her husband. They are just blood-soaked. She knows she has been hurt, but she doesn't know if it was from the arrow or from the tree branches that were in the way before.

Her mind screamed a loud NO... Kevin let go of her as she tried to fight back.


"Kevin, no please!"

"Please, Zoe, you have to go. You mentioned that you like to go to the top, right? If that was your goal, what if there was a way to achieve it?

"What are you saying?"

The Alpha, Zoe, has a map. He hid it from us. "

Her husband's voice was too weak as he shared his good news. Kevin's last word as he fell to the ground was "Go."

Before they leave, she offers her husband one last kiss. She looks at her son and prays for Kyzer's twin.

I assure you, honey, that you will see each other again. Zoe speaks in a muffled voice into the air.

She stared at the holes above as she ran through the forest. The moon smiled at her like the moon liked what was happening, and she despised it.

There was a way to the top... That was her constantly saying

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