I called my husband and filled him in on what happened to our house, leaving out some parts he wasn't required to know. We agreed to meet at Los Meg hotel. A thirty minutes ride away from Phoenix. I bade farewell to Amanda and took a cab there.

When I arrived at the hotel, I met with the receptionist, a blonde with a nasty character, it was only after I called Lenoir and have her speak with him that she directed me to a room 208. A premium.

The elevator was comfortable and big enough to fit the three people I shared it with. I checked the time after I got off the elevator at the top floor, ten minutes past seven.

Room 208 was right at the corner. I made a turn and mentally sighed when I saw the tag 208 on a red door. I opened the door and instantly met with Lenoir's anxious eyes.

“Hi.” I said closing the door.

“How was work?” I removed my jacket and threw it on a love sitter. He really choosed a good room.

“It was good.” He said, handling me a bottle of water which I dunk down quickly like a horse.

“Thanks.” I tossed my trousers aside and grabbed a pair of clean towels from the center table. “I've been to our house.. it was pretty horrible. Are you sure you're okay?”

The story I fed Lenoir with was, some thieves broke into the house with toy guns. By that time I had my gun in hand so I shot at them to scare them off, I mistakenly shot one of the thieves in the leg. But his friends helped him escape after they heard the police was nearby.

“I'm pretty sure all those bullets you saw were mine.” I pretended to brag before heading to the bathroom. I scan the huge and elaborate beauty before going to the bathtub— It looked like it was just heated and well prepared. It even contained rose oil. I stripped and got in the bathtub, keeping the towels near me.

I inhaled and exhaled deeply, the water was warm.. soothing and relaxing.

“Since when do you keep so many bullets in your room though?” Lenoir voice echoed in the bathroom, nearly scaring me.

“Lenoir.. leave it okay? I'm safe aren't I?”

“You knew there was an invasion didn't you? The moment you knew that, you should've hid in the safe room, call the cops and let them do their fucking job!”

I breathed in, trying not to get pissed.

“I was in the fucking millitary, Alvah, I know what regular guns and regular bullets look like! So next time you want to lie to me you better make up some convincing bullshit! You're a lawyer, you can lie to other people I don't care but you can't lie to me!”

“Lenoir stop being emotional, what happened is not deep—”

“— OH! YOU GETTING SHOT AT BY DIFFERENT CATEGORIES OF BULLETS IS NO BIG DEAL?!” Lenoir chuckled like an insane person and continued nagging while I tried my very best not to lose my cool. I didn't even have the strength to yell, I used up all my energy at court.


I face palmed myself. 

Lenoir and I were friends since college, we dated other people but neither of us had a really stable relationship so we made a deal that we would get married after four  years if our relationships didn't work out. After I graduated from law school and landed a job at some law firm, we got married and have been together ever since.

“When you were in that kind of critical situation, you should've at least called me!”

I sighed, “You wouldn't have answered anyway, you said you switched off your phone.”

“Did you at least try?” His tone was soft this time, “Even if it was off, couldn't you have called my office line? Anyone that picked up could've helped you as long as you said the word.”


“—I'm your husband, Alvah but in our six years together, you don't treat me like it.” With that, he exited the bathroom.

I don't bother with Lenoir's words and finish my bath. Afterwards, I washed my hair, cleaned my teeth and stepped out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around my body.

Lenoir was nowhere to be seen.

I picked the blue robe I found in the wardrobe and slipped it on. It was definitely Lenoir's.

Today I decided to try online shopping and I did, bought what I thought I needed. I was informed the clothes will be shipped in twenty four hours but I don't bother.

I turned off the lights and jumped on the bed, making myself comfortable under the soft duvet.

Just as I was about to close my eyes, the door opened and the lights were turned on. 

I screamed. 

“I bought dinner.” Lenoir said while slamming the door shut. He always does petty things to prove how annoyed he is.

“I want to sleep, Lenoir. I already ate the court's burger and juice.” I mumbled tiredly. 

“You hate court food the most. I bought a few of your favourites, steak, potatoes, rice and salad.”

“No wine?”

“There's a red wine in the drawer.”

I'm finally motivated to move. I slid off the bed and rushed to the bunch of drawers and pull out the first one. Nothing.

I glared in Lenoir's direction and he glared back, pointing to the last drawer at the bottom. After pulling the last one out, I grinned. Victory.

The next minute, I'm on the couch having steak and wine. Lenoir on the other hand was having rice and salad with turkey.

Halfway into the meal he broke the uncomfortable silence, “Congratulations on winning your 33rd case. I am proud of you.”


Lenoir winked at me, catching me off guard.

This was unexpected and weird yet it warmed my heart.

“T-thank you.” I forced my voice to sound bold but I failed.

The reason for my sudden burst of emotion was a long story.

And what I reminded myself was that untill I won my hundredth case I wouldn't rest.

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