Carter's POV

"Good morning, everyone. I'd like to introduce our newest software crisis manager, Isabella Marino." My eyes glossed over Isabella and then focused on the group instead. "She'll be working directly with me on the incoming project but I want you all to update her on the status of the project." I say.

I sat back in my chair and let them start discussing the ins and outs of the massive new project. My attention easily shifted to Isabella.

I can't believe she's here, I thought I'll never see her again but kind of hoped I would but the last thing I expected was to have her as our new hire.

I'm a very serious man, I have never been in any indecent relationship with any of my staff before but just looking at her flip her gorgeous silky hair, her gorgeous olive skin I can't help but let my thoughts wander back to that day in the elevator.

I should have known she was a staff here but I have never noticed her before and Isabella Marino is someone you notice. Now I have an elevator camera feed to prove our little indiscretion, immediately I stepped out of the elevator I got to the security room and sent myself the recording of the elevator camera and ofcourse deleted any evidence left.

At first when I saw her this morning I thought she had known who I was that day in the elevator.

She wouldn't be the first woman to use her body to get her way. Hell, I have fired countless of women in this office for throwing themselves at me. But then I remember how scared and panicked she was in the elevator, so riddled with fear of being enclosed in a close space that she wanted me to hold her.

And I had looked at her credentials and resume, she's exactly what this company is looking for if we want to win the bid against Davis Telecom center, over biggest competitors. Her port folio contains a flawless software system and she's right what we need.

She was a distraction I didn't need right now, I haven't been available to get her off my mind. My goals were inching closer, and I needed to focus on my company right now.

Not on the way, she slicked her tongue across her lips.

Fuck, she oozed sex in such an innocent way. She is wearing plum sheath dress. It's professional. It also had a slit that went up to her mid-thigh. Her smile and the way she talked urged me to dip my tongue across her pouty beautiful lips and find if she tasted as good as she looked.

As much as I believed meeting under those elevator circumstances was a coincidence, I also wondered if her goal was to sway me with her body, because it was fucking working, and the more it worked, the more I wanted to break it.

Clearing my throat, I took a second to aimlessly flip through my papers, buying time.

All eyes turned to me, and I clenched my jaw, frustration bubbling up.

"I'll leave you all to." I said standing up.

"Miss Marino I'll be meeting you after lunch to tell me about what you think of the project so far." I added.

"Great." Paul smiled but narrowed his eyes. He knew me well enough to notice my distraction, we've friends for years since college.

"We're all up to date and have our assignments. Let's get to work, people." I said again then walked back to my office.

I can't be around her for that long because my thoughts are filled with dirty thoughts of us together alone.

Thankfully, I wouldn't be in New York City much longer to be part of that. I will be in Greenwich Connecticut, we're having a little family reunion with all of us the King siblings around before my brother goes back to his busy life being a surgeon in the city and my fashion designer sister goes back to traveling.

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