Chapter 18 - Nice and Soft

Blaze was startled when Ace suddenly and literally ate his lips while he hugged him tightly. 

Ace hungrily devoured Blaze's mouth before he moved to his jaw and neck, biting and sucking Blaze's every exposed skin. Blaze could only tilt his head to give Ace easy access. 

Ace seemed to be not content that he then aggressively sneaked his hands inside Blaze's clothes after he hurriedly pulled up Blaze's very neat shirt, mindlessly grabbing and exploring Blaze's body with his rough touches. 

Paul and Kit together with Ace's friends could hear what Ace is doing to Blaze but no one intervened. Kit gaped with wide eyes after he looked back to see what the two were doing out of his curiosity and he was instantly troubled with the scene behind them. <

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Samantha Crisman
I love this book so far.

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