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"We've never done it at the table, naughty girl." whispered Alland sensually. Camella's cheeks turned red when she heard the man's words.


Camella hid her face in the crook of Alland's neck in embarrassment. Alland smiled. He looked at the girl who was now sitting at the table. Slowly Alland took off the girl's sweater and squeezed her inner thighs sensually, making Camella even more excited. He brought his face closer to Camella's, now their noses were touching. Alland gently stroked Camella's lips with his thumb.

Drrtt Drrtt

Alland's cell phone vibrated interrupting their activity. Alland let out a low growl and grabbed the phone, signaling Camella to wait. Camella laughed seeing Alland's angry face.

"Sir, sorry to interrupt-"

"Straight to." Alland cut off the words of a woman on the other side.

"There are foreign companies who want to invite cooperation with you." said a receptionist. Allan frowned. He glanced at Camel
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