In the dining room having dinner with our guest. I observe how my family and Anderson's chat happily over dinner. Eating, I sit quietly listening to their conversation which I found boring. Taking my mind off the present I slowly drifted in my thoughts. A place I call Dreamland, where my life is so perfect. Sadly my thought was interrupted.

"Cathy, Are you okay?" 

 Looking at everyone, I realized their gaze was on me.

"Uhm, yeah dad" 

"Are you sure because you've been smiling at yourself for the past 3 minutes and you didn't seem to notice Mrs Anderson talking to you" 

"Oh, so sorry about that. Was Just remembering something funny I read from a book" I lied.

"Oh really, why don't you share it with us?" He said smiling

"Uhm,.. yeah it about.." 

"Oh come on Nicholas give her a break. And what is with the 'Mrs Anderson?' I thought we're going to be family soon and don't need to be too formal with each other?" 

   Mrs Sharon Anderson saved me from explaining myself. She is in her early forties, blonde with big beautiful green eyes. Irrespective of her age she is still beautiful. No wonder she was able to marry a multi-millionaire like Mr Daniel Anderson who is also very handsome with his black hair, blue eyes, not too tall something like 5ft, 8inch and very masculine. 

   My dad gave his sweetest smile looking at Mrs Anderson as he totally forgot about the question he asked me, this makes me so happy.

"Of course you're family, please pardon my error Sharon. Am I forgiven?" My dad asked jokingly

"Of course Nicholas, no offense taken, right honey?" 

  Turning to her husband she gave him a light tap on his shoulder. He seems to be lost in his thoughts just like me earlier. I hope everything is okay, but instantly he recoverd looking up, and continued in the conversation like nothing happened. He is good

  Done with our meal, we said our goodbyes to the Anderson's. Unfortunately I didn't meet Michael, my sister's Fiance. He couldn't make it. Apart from that, everything went well. The meal was truly delicious, madam Juliet the head chef is a good cook. She has been working for my family since I was an infant. A chubby woman in her late 50's. She is unmarried, I wonder why.  She is an amazing woman.

  Heading to my bedroom after seeing them off, my mom called me before I could make it to the stairs.

"Cathy darling" 

"Yes Mom" 

With her sweetest smile she asked "Can you stay a little longer before going to bed?" 

"Okay mom, have anything special in mind you want us to do?" 

"Oh come on darling, must we be doing something before you spend some time with your family? Besides, you always lock yourself in your room."

Aww, I know my mom is just missing me. Smiling I agreed and besides I know arguing with her will get me nowhere so I gave in. I sit next to her on the sofa and her in eating the delicious cookies baked by madam Juliet."

"No o, this is so unfair mom, where is my  cookies? I want to eat too"  My younger sister Amanda said, as she joined us. Taking a bigger share. We often call her Mandy.  

"I am sorry baby, you can join us"

  Laughing we all are together, having a mother and daughter time. I always enjoy times like this, eating and having small talks with my mom and sisters. Quite sad Patty isn't here, she wasn't too happy Michael didn't make it. After dinner she went straight to her room probably on the phone with him.

  The door of my dad study opened and my dad came out. He head straight to our direction, so sad this mother and daughter moment won't last long.

"Sweetheart, aren't you going to bed? It's past 10pm already" my dad asked my mom, as he stole a cookie from the plate.

"I am honey, I was waiting for you. So decided to spend some time with my girls" 

 My mom said, standing up she place a small kiss on his lips. "You spent a lot of time on the phone, is something wrong?"

"No, it is nothing serious" Turning to Amanda and I he continued, "Alright girls need to get some rest, good night" 

"Goodnight mom, goodnight Dad" Amanda and I said in unison. Kissing us lightly on our forehead he left to his room holding my mom's hand.

  Watching as they left I can't help but admire their love. My dad is an amazing husband, father and CEO. He inherited the Shawn Enterprise from his father which is worth multi-million dollars in the stock market. He knows how to balance work and family very well leaving no gap.


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