She was talking to me, saying something I didn't understand. Excuse me,.. interested..., Somewhere else. So  confused, I raised my brow questioningly trying to put meaning into her words but failed. So I asked

 "Urhm, what?" 

   Her curly hair is the most beautiful I have seen. I kept staring at it as I wondered what it would feel like if I touched it, and what the color of her eyes would be as realization dawned on me that I am yet to see her face, just her side view.

   "Well mister..." 

she broke off, mouth wide open, she began to stutter. Must be because I was staring at her and she found it rude, but I don't care I continued staring. She is so beautiful, looks like an Egyptian goddess. The urge to kiss her became so strong, as my eyes fell on her tempting lips.

 "...yeah I am talking to you" 

Finally she was able to complete her sentence. She got out of her car, facing me and I could see her beautiful figure. She looks so small and adorable, I love her height. It added a fragile feel to her beauty. 

 So shocked at my thoughts, petite women were never my type, I have always loved them slim and tall like models. But for some weird reason my heart keeps beating fast for this beauty. While I was trying to figure out what all these mean her next words hit me hard, cutting me off my thought. I cant believe my ears. I must have heard wrong. 

 So I asked "Wait what? Me, are you talking to me?" just to be sure I heard correctly. 

I feel so insulted right now, looking at her I laugh at her audacity. I must admit she isn't the least intimidated by my height, and my presence seems not to have an effect on her like the way she has on me. Of course what am I thinking, I am blessed with everything good in life except love. The people I care about always seem to slip away, first it was my father and then my mother. So angry at myself for being so stupid.

 "Yes you playboy,.." she said provocatively,  poking my chest  "I am talking to you. Get your sorry ass self away from my face" How dare she walk past me? Nobody Ever walk past me while I'm still talking. Grabbing her hand I pulled her back in place looking at her with contempt

 "Who the hell do you think you are to walk away while I'm still talking?" 

I barked at her. She begins to shiver in my hold, I can feel it. Fear evident in her eyes but she tries to conceal it but failed terribly. She tries to speak, angrily I cut her off

  "You care to explain to me why you parked your car on my spot even after seeing the boldly written sign 'do not park?'"

   "What, I didn't see.."

    I hate to see the fear in her eyes caused by me. I wanted to touch her face and hold her close but stopped before I make a fool of myself. Don't want her to know how much she affects me just by being this close to her, so I responded harshly

  "Of course, you're blind just as you're stupid to think I Adam will try to hit on YOU. I am not your type?" I asked mockingly, closing the little space between us, making her strain her neck even more.

Her neck must hurt from all the straining, I can see it in her eyes and the way she flinched in pain. She tried to hide it, but her eyes gave her away, but I don't care. She has hurt me and I will hurt her in return.

Ignoring her pain, I continued "Don't flatter yourself darling"  laughing, I crossed my hands on my chest looking down at her like she is worth nothing but a piss of shit just to hurt her more. 

 "Listen to me girl, I can never hit on You because I, don't settle for less not to mention insignificant, worthless things like you" 

 I felt something in me break seeing the tears that threatened to fall in her enchanting blue eyes. But she held it back, and tried speak but couldn't. Her silence is killing me. I can't stand to see her in this state, need to leave before I do something stupid and kiss her.

  "Kindly re-park, I need to park my car" turning I left, heading straight to my car.

   In my car, I recollect the scene. The saddness in her eyes and tears that threatened to fall broke my heart. I feel so bad for hurting her, who is this curly hair beauty that has left me in this state? She must be a new employee, maybe she is my new PA. Unfortunately I wasn't around when my new PA was interviewed, so I am not certain if she the one. If I am right, then I am in big trouble. Don't think I can keep my hands off her for so long, I need to feel her.

   What has she done to me?  I fired my former PA because of misbehaviour. How then will I flirt with my new PA?. This is bad I need to rest for a while and think. Closing my eyes I rest my head on the steering wheel. If I was at home would have taken a cold shower but now, I can do nothing but rest.

    But sadly I couldn't rest for long, the sound of her car disturbed me as I watch her drive out, I moved in and parked at my spot.  Looking through the window, I watch her every move as she walks heading straight  to  the office building. Her ass bounce with every step she took, she is  with truly beautiful, a beauty class.  From her expensive dress, car, and diamond necklace I can tell she is from a reputable home. Must be a spoilt brat, no wonder she speaks so rudely.

   Looking at myself I have no idea what I am doing locked in my car. Can't stay here all day, I will have to come out and face her. Stepping out of my car I head to my office building, nodding I acknowledge my employees  me as they greet me. Entering  the private elevator I pressed the last button to the last floor.


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