Chapter Nine

You can't just remove hurt from your skin like it never happened. People are mobile tattoo machines and the marks hey leave on us are pretty easily seen like for example, maybe his fingerprints aren't really burned on my skin but I still don't feel clean whenever I think of him and maybe the heart he broke healed long ago but whenever I see him, it still aches and feels empty. I know my existence is temporary and so is his, but god, please as much as I love the starts, they don't last forever. I don't mind being temporary as long as it means I'm temporary with him. I would paint a hundred more stars in the sky if it meant he nevers burn out.

We some how found each other and fit together with a ust neither of us had experienced before. People say opposites attract, but I knew it couldn't last long. Fire and ice could never last forever. Soon enough he burned out and I melted. It was bound to happen. BUt here we are again, like we were sent back a few months in ti


I know this story happened so fast and quite confusing. But they never end up together. Ashton found someone new while he was with Luna and they fell for each other. It felt like he cheated, in which case, he really did, but it was Luna who told him it was okay to see someone while being in a relationship with her. I hope you slightly enjoyed the story. I have other stories in *** that are even better than this. My username is kweenbeaaa. Thank you all very much.

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