44- Truth And The Pain It Brings

When the clock struck six, I was already sliding out the office doors, thoughts jumbled and legs wobbly. I couldn’t even return a snicker at Liam's taunt about my car as I stepped into it and left him coughing through a cloud of dust from the screeching tires.

I had just one thing in mind. And nothing else fazed me. Not even the cloud of dust that followed me as I raced through the town like a mad woman.

Dwyer didn’t kill that man.

He definitely didn’t.

I don’t know who did and how he is connected to being at the place at that time and showing up at my doorstep with blood-stained hands but one thing was certain and my brain won't stop repeating it.

Dwyer was not the killer.

The realization almost made me slap myself. I was too engrossed in the things I felt for him for me to realize all the signs. They were all there, sta

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