47- I Love You

All of my problems melted into the background the moment his lips touched mine. They drowned in the sea that is his lips and I couldn't help but sigh contentedly into them.

There was something about the way his lips molded into mine. Something about the way it guided me in slow and sensual movements. Something about the fact that I have never felt this way before. It was nothing like anything I have ever felt. it was different. Different from our rushed moments of passion and lust even if it had just the amount of passion it needed and a mix of other emotions that we must have both bottled up in the past torturous days.

I couldn't pinpoint the emotions. I didn't care. I couldn't care. The sensation coarsing through me wouldn't make me care.

My tears didn't stop. I couldn't stop them.

They seeped into the kiss we shared like they were a part of it and Dwyer gladly welcomed them, swallowing them and having us both taste the salty solution. I gripped

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