23 | Dream

Tequila held little Uthman in her arms and was grateful for the excuse. She was not very comfortable about her past so it was difficult for her to start talking about it. She was ashamed of the things that she had to do, but not for the reasons that she did those things. Tequila would do it all again for Dream and she would not regret it.

"I will leave you and Uthman then, I will go on to my room," Amir said and stood up to leave.

"Uncle Ali!" Uthman shouted as he saw the man. It was understandable that her son mistook Amir for Ali, they were not identical, but they look well enough like each other. Aisha had told her that Amir was Ali's estranged brother and that was why Uthman said Ali was an only child. Amir stared at the child in shook as the little legs moved to him. The child hugged him at his legs and Amir was a bit confused. How did the child know Ali?

Amir picked up little Uthman weirdly as the child began to play with his shirt.

"I missed you," Uthman said in baby tongue. It
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