Chapter 6 Travis

  Rosa stay on my apartment after all of the commotion happen in the bar last night. I woke up when as soon as I noticed the sunlight is right on my face. It’s already 7:30 in the morning.  I stretch my arms and stand up.

 “Good Morning world! Thank you for another day heavenly father!" this is my daily routine every morning since I was young. My mom taught us to be thankful and grateful for a chance to wake up every day. It’s heavenly father endless gift to everyone.

  As soon as I finished my bed, I went straight to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I also do my morning regimen. My favorite skin routine which is “Perfectly Skin" It is one of the highly recommended brand since it’s mild and safe even to a pregnant woman. That is why recently many people noticed my fair and younger looking skin.

  After I finished my beauty regimen. I made our breakfast. I cooked Rosa her favorite one “Omelets bacon and a toast bread with a sunny side up egg on the center. I even made us a Stale coffee. As soon as I finished cooking Rosa is already wake up.

 “Good morning Trouble Maker!” while I’m raising my eyebrow.

  “Good morning Princess! Ahh my head hurts sis!”  she keeps on massaging her temple.

  “Come, I made your favorite and here is the coffee so you will feel better!” I gave her coffee and sat when she started to asked

  “Last night I remember I was in David’s car when he’s trying to harrassed me I was really dizzy that time. I was so scared because I saw him really decided on me. Then there was a man who pulled him outside the car and hit him on his face. Who is that guy again?!”

  When she asked me I get startled I remember him again a guy who had brown hair, tall and masculine. A guy who look like Thor. Ahhhhhh  he is so cute!!

  “Hey! Sis I’m  talking to you!” 

  “Oh what is that again your asking”

  “I said whose that man and why is your cheeks is red? Are you not telling me something?!” She giving me a sharp looks when l almost laughed.

  “I’m not hiding anything okay.. hahah! The man you asked is Miguel … Miguel Rojas. He saved you but he save me as well.”

  “What do you mean by that?!” She pointing her hands to me and giving me a suspicious look.

  “Nothing , I just find him quite Interesting?!”

  “Oh my God! Sis!!!! Thanks God you finally had interest on someone!!” while is pulling her hands and acting like a Yes sign.

 “Did you get his number???” her forehead now is wrinkled waiting for my answer 

 “ahh.. That’s the problem Sis I don’t have his number” I bite my nails

  “Oh my God Sis my head hurts again!!!” 

  On the afternoon Rosa went home. I stayed in my apartment and rest.

 “She is right I even don’t have his number!” ahh.. Bettina

  After my two stressful offs. I decided to take a bus going to my work. Since I want to have small walks and fresh air. I came at 8:00 in the morning on the hospital when I saw a familiar face. It’s Travis! He waved his hand as if he’s been waiting for me for a long hours. I was surprised I went straight to him.

 “Good morning!” he smiled at me, I might say Travis really had a good smile and quite attractive.

 “Good morning! What are you doing here?”

 “Oh! Actually I went here to visit you. I remember you said last time you work here. So I came here and take a chance to see you again. Which I didn’t disappointed!”

 “And why you want to see me!? Look! I don’t understand please go straight to the point??!”

 “ahh, It’s not appropriate if we talk her right?! It is okay if I invite you to eat??”

  My duty is on 10:00 but I usually went early so I won’t feel exhausted before I go in. I looked for the time and gave him a small smile. I hopped in in his car he asked me what I want to eat.

 “What do you want to eat Bet?” he asked me politely while driving

 “Just a sandwiches maybe!”

  We headed to “Salsa Verde Sandwiches House” and I find him a having a good choice.

 We sat on the east side of the resto and soon as Travis spoke the waiter came

 “Good morning Mam! Good morning Sir! Can I take your order?!”

 “A yes please! You first Bet!”  “Please give me a cup of Cappuccino and a Club Sandwiches. How about you Travis?” “Ah Focaccia Sandwiches and a cappuccino as well!"

  While waiting for order he started to speak. “Ah Thank you for coming with me! By the way about last night. Ahh I’m really sorry for what David did to Rosa. I’m truly sorry I know it was a mess" I saw him uncomfortable and worried and find him really sorry.

 “Hey! It’s okay it’s not your fault it’s David. Don’t worry about it. Let just forget what happen and tried to move on. Okay!?”

 “Yeah! Sure. So can we start a new start?”

  “Oh It’s sounds good!” hahaha

  “Hi I’m Travis!” “oh Hi I’m Bettina” hahaha

  As soon as we finished eating, he send me to the hospital. I find him nice and comfy. And attractive as well,really he had a sense.

“Bye! Bet see you tomorrow?!”

“Bye! Wait what do you mean tomorrow?

  He just smiled wave his hand and leave.

“What thus he meant to say? He will come here everyday?! Oh that guy is something”

  When he leave I saw my self smiling and they’re something that really makes me wonder. I want to get to know this guy! While I’m putting him in a far.

Travis's POV

  While I’m heading away to Bettina. A smile left to my face I look her on my rear view mirror and still fascinated to her. She is really lovely and charming. It’s been a long time since I don’t had this feeling. The last time I remember is with Trisha but after one year and half of relationship we separate because of our differences. The first time I saw Bettina I knew she is something. When I reached on my office which I started to build & operate after I graduated in “Unibersidad de San Antonio” After a year of hard work  I finally earned my credentials as one of the leading Engineering firm in the Capital.

 “Hey! Boss Good morning”

 “Good morning how is everyone in here?”  


 “Great boss! And what is that smile you look inspired. I’ve never seen you this happy for a long time. Something great had happen! She smile and tease me while she’s crossing her arms. Cristina is my assistant secretary she stays with me through ups and down. She is the one I trusted when it comes to work.

  I feel inspired and decided to pursue Bettina. She is always been sweet and generous. The reason why I really attracted to her. I’m really persistent to win her heart but I am no in rush I want her to get to know me. Everyday I make a call to her I even invited her to my parents house on Thanksgiving. My mom really loves her for being charming and thoughtful. Once in awhile I send her favorite flower ‘Lilac and Rose'. She appreciates everything I did and that what makes me as her boy friend. “Yes I’m just a friend” But It’s okay with me since I’m not in hurry I want her to get to know me first.

  It’s almost 6 months since me and her became friends. I am now earn a lot of guts to confess my feelings to her. I am now ready whether she will accept me or not. I am now ready to take a risk. I am willing to do everything for her. 

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