Chapter 31

" Anna.. I'm, I'm.. " 

" Sshh.. let's talk after going back " she cut him off and then turned towards Arnav. 

" Boss, our Maddy has given you another chance, so don't wrong him again, otherwise I have already found someone for him " she said playfully. 

" Haww really? How is he? Is he muscular, how about his abbs and his... " Maddy said excitedly,  Arnav sneered 

" You... "

" Ah.. he is really handsome, he isn't that muscular but he really cooked delicious food, and we all know how foodie you are, so be alert Mr Arnav and don't leave him, I would have already thought to set him with Maddy, fortunately, you came at right time, otherwise.. " Anna said jokingly while Arnav frowned.. 

" Let's go, let's go, don't waste your time here, and you Anna, don't ever dare to show any man to him, understand "  he said while Anna laughed. 

Both Anna and Maddy hugged each other, then he placed a kiss at Anna's cheek, and was
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