Chapter Sixty-Six: Alora facing her true feelings for Kamar

Alora opened her computer and turned it on. Alora was getting all her files to send to Ares on his soldiers and who did what and their evaluations. Alora during her years met each warrior personally, if they fought for her then she needed to know them. She never liked letting a family know there loved one was killed in war and know nothing about that person. Alora had a profile for each soldier, what they liked, when their birthdays were, if they were mated and had children. She loved her warriors and her warriors loved and respected her.

Again, Alora felt a presence in her office, this time it was Kamar that pops in. "Really?" Alora exclaims. "I just wanted you to know I was coming home for good now. I did not mean to pop in.," Kamar puts his hand over his heart. "I am crushed my dear sweet Alora. Are you not happy to see me my love? Seeing as you rarely have anyone ever contact me. I thought you must be in trouble, I had to make certain my love is safe." Alora gets up and w

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