I left my house that morning like any other day with my backpack and school supplies, nothing out of the ordinary for anyone who may have seen me, except that I was driving to Kiran’s place instead of the high school.

"Bye sweetie, have a good day!" Mom hollers from her car at me as I head towards my own. She seems to be late getting out the door today.

"Bye, love you!" I holler back, only to have her close the car door without responding to me.

I sighed and continued to get into my car, deciding to stop and get and get breakfast burritos for Kiran and me on the way.

Once at his door, I knocked and only waited a few seconds before he answered the door with a smile.

"Here," I handed forward the bag with his food to him, "My way of saying thank you for everything." He smiled at me and told me his thanks before it dawned on me, "Oh, I didn't even think if your mom wanted something. I'm sorry, I should have texted first."

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