I ran faster than I had ever run before to the door and into the hallway outside the gym when I heard Aurora scream for me again, "KIRAN!"

The sound echoed in my ears and I followed where her screams came from until I came to a janitor's closet where I heard sobbing. I didn't bother looking through the window in the door before reaching for the handle, only to find it locked.

I stepped back against the wall opposite the door and got enough momentum to successfully knock the door open.

The sight before me was gut-wrenching: Aurora was on the ground with her pants slightly pulled down and her top was torn, she was crying hysterically with her eyes tightly shut. Gabe was hovering over her with his jeans unbuttoned, looking like he was just positioning himself between her legs.

I didn't stop and stare, but I rushed behind Gabe and got him in a chokehold, pulling him off of her as I tightened my arm around his neck. His ar
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