Hikari Origin : Hitaku Quest (Season 1-2)
Hikari Origin : Hitaku Quest (Season 1-2)
Author: Aigami Hikari


"I, I'm not giving up yet! Not on my friends! I will defeat you and prove to you that who is better me! " Yami Laughed and says "Your friends? Where are they now? Why they didn't come to help you here? are they happy to see you lost yourself here? " Hikari stands up and uses his memory to create one weapon.

When Yami saw Hikari was still trying to defeat him, He keeps laughing and says "What did I see? A weak person try to defeat me? Even after he going to lose himself here?"

Hikari going to fell down, but he kept himself from falling by the sword that he created. When Hikari was trying to stand on his own, Suddenly he heard Syurihata voice says "Are you okay? Don't worry. I'm here for you for now and forever." then he heard Takuya's voice says "Stand up, don't let it ends here. Go and defeat that disaster. Everyone was waiting for you. So, don't give up yet for them!" Hikari smiled and says to them "Give up? What makes you think I will do that? Did both of you told me before that there was nothing that I can achieve if I give up on something that I can win?" Takuya and Syurihata were so happy when they hear that, They put their hand on Hikari shoulder and says "Then use our power to defeat him, Hikari!" Hikari was so shocked when he heard that. He quickly asked them "Your power? does it mean both of you are going to save me from this? did it all was useless things for both of you to do that?" They smiled at Hikari and says "This, this is not a story about us. We will never get back to life. But we still live in yourself." Hikari was so shocked when he heard that. He didn't understand it at all. So he asked them "Live in myself? what do you mean?" Syurihata gets in front of Hikari and holds up his hand. She says to him "Did you say to us before? that there was someone that was important to you. you even sacrifice your life or everything that you have to save them. But I say to you." Then Hikari continues it "That there was nothing in the past can be bought to the future Because past is everything that already happened. meanwhile, the future is something that I will continue my new life."

Hikari looked down and say to them "But, does it mean that everything that I do is just see everyone dead because of me? What does it mean! Does it look like I'm happy to see all of you die? Why I stand here if I can't do it?" Yami was so happy when he heard that, he get closer to Hikari and says "Wait, Did everything that I said is true? Wait, did someone says that you're a light and going to defeat me? Bhahahaha looks like we already know the result now for who is a better you. So le-" Hikari tries to stand up and looked at Yami and says "Of course, we already know it. Because the better me is me!" Hikari attacks Yami with the sword. Yami tries to fight it back but failed. Hikari keep attacking Yami and caused Yami to fell to the ground.

Hikari pointing his sword at Yami.  Yami laughed and says "So, where did this come from? Well, just kill me instead. Did you will be happy to see someone like me die?" Hikari didn't say anything. Yami didn't have any strength to fight Hikari. Suddenly Hikari holds the sword down. Yami was so shocked when he saw that. However, he didn't try to fight Hikari. He thought Hikari was planning for something. So he just says to Hikari "Well, if you didn't want to end me. then in this situation, it looks like I'm losing. So let me leave then." Yami stands up and going to leave the place.

When Yami was walking away, Hikari says to him "No, I-I'm not going to defeat you. Because someone told me before that there was something that can't be kept by a force and it's only can be kept by understanding each other. Even if one of us going to being killed. I'm sure that there will be places for both of us to live together!" Yami stopped walking, he turned back. He says to Hikari "What did you say? Everything is yours now. just go and take it." Hikari goes to Yami and says "What does it mean? tell me, Yami! what will I get by killing myself!" Yami laughed and says "kill yourself? what does it mean? Don't worry I'm no longer exist if I leave this." Hikari goes to Yami and says "If you do not exist then it means that Everything that I do in the past is useless. Without you, I will never know about DAFT and the others! what does it mean? Are you thinking that I'm happy about that?" When Yami reminded it, he didn't know what should he say. Because the rule is there was only one person who can win that battle and live as the one Hikari.

Yami says to Hikari "Do anything that you want, but the rule is a rule. So just go and live on yourself, Hikari. Even we are the same person. there was no way for that to happen." Hikari shook his head and says "I-I will create the world on where did both of us can live as the one! I'm not going to let you here. Because you are me and me are you. I will let you live with me, Other me!" The light appeared and Hikari grabbed Yami with him.

Then they meet with someone that they didn't know. he asked them "Looks like both of you didn't decide anything in that battle. But the battle ended with no winner." Yami pushed Hikari ahead and says "He, He is the winner. so let him live!" When the person heard that, he asked Hikari "Looks like you're not happy winning it. I thought that you have something that you wanted to say. So, what do you want?" Hikari looked at that person and says "let us live as the one!" Yami was so shocked when he heard that. He goes to Hikari and says "What does it mean? this is not a game, everything that you wished here is for your reality!" Hikari smiled and he says to Yami "Don't worry, I promise that I will make you happy and understand what did I feel about someone, something or a special person that I know." Then All of Hikari friends appeared in front of them. then Syurihata comes to Hikari and says "Well, looks like you're the true light now. Just do everything that you want. we will always be with you." Hikari smiled and he says to Syurihata "Hey, even you live in myself I have something that I wanted for you to know. you're my friends, but you're the special friends that I have like DAFT. you're a person that I loved. same as the special person in my heart. But there have something that I wanted to say to you for so long. Maybe you already told me about it before. But in this limited time that I have. I just wanted to says that I loved you, Syurihata. Now, the promises that I made with you and everyone have been achieved. So what should I do now?" Then the unknown person says to Hikari "Go, live as yourself. in the world that you wished for!"

"Well, Everyone must have been thinking about what kind of world that I wished for. The world that I wished for is the kind of world that I and Syurihata wished for. Both of us wanted to keep the world without a force and going to end everything by understanding each other. However, I choose to live with Yami. What does it mean? it means that I'm him and he was me. in one world. However, maybe all of that is not something that all of you wanted to know. So let me told all of you, this is a story about how did both of us live in the new world for us. So this is how the story going to get started. The story is about the Hitaku group that I created and for what is it. Someone told me that everything that happens in this world must have its own reason. So I must find out the reason for myself to live for a second chance and created this group... Wait? Why did I ask myself about this? Wait?! Why did I tell you about that group? Is this counted as a spoiler?! ouh, its's is already available in the story title. So, should we get started?"

                                                                      .Hitaku Quest:

                                                            In a search of the Lost light

In the new world that Hikari chooses to live in with Yami, Hikari already knew it. He will lose himself to do something without DAFT or someone that he knows to help. Because of that, Hikari didn't know what should he do. So he just does anything that he wanted to do (Note: not doing some perv things)

When he was thinking about something that he should do in the new places, he walked around the city with the file that he got from his friend in the past. when he was walking around, Suddenly he thought something. He is just weird about the person that gives him a second chance to live with Yami. He wanted to figure it out. He sits on a chair in the city and thinking about it. When he was thinking about it, Suddenly there was a person sitting next to him and asked him  "Hey, I never see you before. can you tell me your name?" Hikari was so shocked when that person suddenly asked him that question. He tries to get calm and says to that person "M-My name is H-Hikari." That person was so weird when he sees Hikari was acting like that. So he tells Hikari about his name "My name is Nimura, Nice to meet you." Hikari was so shocked when Nimura was acting like a good person. So he says to Nimura "N-Nice to meet you too." Nimura was feeling funny when he saw Hikari was acting like that. he asked Hikari "Why with that? just keep calm. I'll never do anything to you." Hikari takes a deep breath and he tries to take calm.

After that, Nimura asked him "Hey, looks like both of us are the same age. actually, where did you live? your family an-" Suddenly the file that he bought fell to the ground. Nimura saw that there was an Anime sketch inside the file. Nimura wanted to help Hikari but Hikari say to him that it was alright. When Hikari get the file back, Nimura asked him "Wait, when I looking at that. did you watch an anime?" Hikari nodded his head and says "Yeah, why?" Nimura was so happy when he knew it. He started to talk with Hikari about the anime. But, the conversation stopped when Hikari say to Nimura "um, sorry but I didn't watch all of the anime yet. um.. you know that I-" Then Nimura stands up and says "Okay, it looks like I finally found it. Follow me Hikari!" Nimura running away after that. Because Nimura told Hikari to follow him, Hikari just goes and tries to follow Nimura all the way.

Then they arrived at the unknown city that Hikari didn't know. Then Nimura goes to the closed buildings and opens it's the door. Nimura told Hikari to get inside. At first, Hikari was so worried to enter it. Then he heard the other voice say "Don't worry, everything gonna is alright. I'm here with you." So Hikari just enters the store. When he gets inside, he founded out that there were a lot of people in there. He was so weird when the store looks like it was closed. Nimura told Hikari to meet with someone that he knows. So Hikari just follows him. Then they arrived at the big room there. Hikari thought that it was a boss room. So when he met one man there, he quickly greets him "N-Nice to meet y-you. M-My name H-Hikari." that man looked at Hikari and he told Hikari to sit on the chair in front of him. Then that man called someone known as Neu to take water for him.

After he gets the water, He saw Hikari was getting worried about something. he laughed at Hikari and says "Hey, stop doing that." Hikari was getting more worried when he hears that, he says to that man "O-okay!" So after hearing that from Hikari. He introduced himself to Hikari "You can call me Sabu-sama." When Hikari hear (Sabu-sama) he laughed but he cover his mouth with his hands. Sabu-sama was so weird when he saw Hikari was laughing about it. So he continues what did he want to say to Hikari "This is my company, this is where did Otaku around this city gather. as what did I see, Nimura founded you out and brings you here. So it looks like you know about it. However, Hikari. I have a special mission or just say that it was a quest for you and my Assistant to take on." Hikari accepted it and asked "What is it? and with who is your assistant?"  Then Sabu-sama showed Hikari his assistant "Here, he is... just call him Neu." Hikari was so weird when he heard that name. he asked Sabu-sama "So, Neu. right? what does it mean?" Sabu-sama say to Hikari "Ask him about that. then the second one that will help you is Nimura a person that you just met." Hikari just nodded his head and says "okay" then Sabu-sama tell Hikari about the quest that he going to take on "This quest, Is only for a special person. Nimura and Neu is the special person in here. They always wanted to do this together but I didn't give them permission until they meet the third member of their team. However, it looks like Nimura has chosen you to join him. that's why he bought you here. So I have my trust in you. go and complete this quest with them."

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