"how's school, how's everything," she grinned and watched Adom winched from her payback.

"you know just normal, doing great in school and will be finished next year."

"ahh... Will you come back home then? It's so lonely without you here." she whined and gave him the biggest puppy eyes she could make.

Adom hadn't thought of what he wanted to do after he finished college. Maybe find a job in the city or move back here to find a job here. He would see what the next few months would bring him. He still wasn't sure what he wanted that's why he also came back here, to maybe finds some answers and make a life plan.

Adom wrapped his arms around his sisters' shoulder and laid his head on it.

"hmm... I don't know yet, maybe I'll move back. But just for you then" he winked and grinned at her jokingly.

"you sap. Find a mate already!"

She slapped him on the head and stood up to jump back on him to fight him before they heard their mother calling them for dinner.

Adom was relieved, his sister was petite but could fight him well! He jumped up and sneaked past her to run downstairs before she would catch up to him.

As they stumbled down the stairs with them both trying to be the first their mother stopped them before someone would get seriously hurt.

"come on, it's still the same after all these years! Next time you'll both get hospitalized if you keep this up! Sit down" she said with a stern look, but they both knew she didn't mean it but still sat down obediently.

Dinner went by without a hitch and they talked about all the things they had missed out on from Adom and he from his family. He ate a ton of his favourite food as his father still piled his plate up and constantly saying he was to thin and he should eat.

With a heavy groan, Adom plopped down on his bed, wiping his hair after a much-needed shower. His stomach was stuffed and his eyes droopy from dinner and he wanted nothing more than to sleep now.

As he had dried his hair he wanted to go lay down but his phone rang. He sighted, who could this be this late as he picked up.

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