Chapter 87

Life is a one big maze. Every turn we take lead us to another path. Patricia's life is the definition of one big maze. From the moment that she was conceived in the womb, there has been so much complication in her life. Even the way that her lineage started was complicated.

Her real name is Patricia Zaragoza Maxford. The only daughter of an heir, and heiress of two powerful underground organization. The first born of the most powerful family in Jericho, California, Franklin Maxford. And, the heiress of the biggest mob group in Spain, Violet Zaragoza. After Violet's father died, she was forced to find a suitable husband to strengthen their organization.

But, something happened that made things complicated. No one has any idea how it started or why, even the who. The once one happy, and powerful family got separated. It's like a classic fairy tale story. The king, and queen lost their one and only princess. The kingdom fell into a dark era, and lost their only hope.

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