Chapter 96

Catalonia, Spain.

Patricia arrived at Catalonia at seven in the evening with Felix. She was not even sure why Felix brought her to Spain. No matter how many times she asked while their still on the plane, Felix insisted on being cryptic. Another thing that she doesn't understand is when they exit the airport there's an envoy of cars waiting for them.

At first, she thought that it's only normal because she's with Felix Zaragoza. But when she heard the men waiting for them call her Miss Patricia, she knew something was not right. They were all too police to her, she felt like they all knew her very well. The moment she turned to Felix for answers, he simply smiled at her, then shrugged.

Patricia can't help but be in awe when she saw the car enter to a driveway. "Welcome to Castillo de Zaragoza." Felix announced when their limousine finally parked in front of a gigantic castle.

"This place is so beautiful. Who owns this place?" Patricia asked as she scans th

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