Chapter 104

It's been twenty-four hours since she was taken. They haven't done anything to her, but they won't even let her go out. She was well-fed, aside from that, nothing. Patricia's been feeling frustrated because she won't be able to construct a plan to escape if she can't study their location.

The only times that someone would come to her is to bring her food. For the last twenty-four house, she's been silently praying that God would bring her apologies to her parents. They specifically told her not to leave, but she didn't listen. If she did, not of this would have happened. She wouldn't have been taken.

"Patricia, it is nice to finally meet you. One of the only two women who captured my son's heart. Have they been treating you well?" She can't clearly see the face of the standing outside her holding cell, but his voice was familiar. Older, but familiar. Even the way he carries himself, the way he stand, it was all to familiar to her.

"Eerie, isn't it? My son lat

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