Soaked in his love

💋Addicted To You💋

[More Than A One Night Stand🍆💦]


By: Kamara B. Blake


#Season_2: Chapter Eighteen😘


💦Lucas Knights💦

I tucked my hands in my pockets as I stood waiting for the school bell to ring. It does in about seconds and I smile seeing the gates open. 

Finally. She's out. 

I search the little students walking trying to look for Lili. I sighed as I sighted her among a group of girls with glossy bouncing hair just like hers.

Group of girls clustered around her. Hm, it seems like she's popular. 

I wanted to come right over to her as her friends left when I pause seeing her glance at a boy not far away with his friends. 

Then she looked away coming forward as our eyes met. I smiled as she ran towards me into my arms.

"Uncle Lucas". She squealed excitedly. 

"Lilian". I smile kissing her face. "How are you?". 

She giggled lightly. "I'm fine. Thank you".

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