Chapter 8

The wedding ceremony between the Orion prince and his woman took place at Thule  where the leader of the Thuleans headed the ceremony.

And as gift for the newly weds, the people prepared a presentation for the royal couple of  Orion. While they waited at the balcony, the Aryan king turned to the red and blue hunters to ask the whereabouts of his bride when it took her long from the comfort room. 

Instead of mermaid presentation, there appeared an ice skating rink in front of them  while the snow nymphs prepared for the presentations. 

Daeira felt the exhilarating excitement while she donned herself with a red fairy dress  paired to her own ice skating shoes. She couldn't stopped herself but giggled to have a chance  to perform as a skater again. She glanced at those fairy nymphs performing a wonderful  number in the ice. Their dances were very well coordinated as if they were performing for a championship rou

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