49 - Its Been 5 Years...

Audrey's POV;

It's Saturday today, and I'm happy. This is one of those lucky days I get to spend with my Angela.

We've finished our chores, breakfast, all there is to do, and now it's playtime.

"I'm gonna get you! "Angela yells from the other side of the couch, and I let out a dramatic laugh.

"You never will, Captain Angela! I'm the greatest villain there is. Argh!! " I reply. Making sure to draw out the pirate sound at the end.

" Oh, yes I will! "She yells back, and just then she dashes towards me, causing us to run a few times around the couch like before.

"Give me back my gem you big, bully, pirate Argh! "Angela screams. Referring to me as ' Pirate Argh! 'is the villain name we gave me for whenever we're playing this game.

" Make me! "I call back, just before letting out another exaggerated laughter.

" Oh, no! Look, a shark! "Angela shrieks while pointing at the ground not too far from my feet, and I scream and jump

Aider Kwin

Looks like little Angi is about to get her daddy. If you were in Audrey's shoes, what would you do? Forgive? Or reject?

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