54 -I'm Here To Stay

Audrey's POV;

"Audrey, wait! Stop!" I hear Moses scream, and I come to a halt when I'm far away from the wedding hall.

I listen to him run up to me, and he stands before me.

"What do you want, Moses!? Why are you here? Why are you back!? What's the real reason for your return!? " I question without giving him a chance to talk.

"Why are you asking me all this, Audrey? I came for you. For us, and our baby. "He says, and I interrupt.

"Our baby!? What baby are you talking about!? The same one you abandoned with me for over five years!?

The same one Whose naming ceremony you didn't attend!? The same one who you never knew how was fending? The same one who has lacked your love for all this while and I had to go the extra mile in a bid to make her not feel it!

Is that the baby you're talking about!? "I scream, and his face falls.

"You still haven't forgiven me? " He questions, and a cord snaps inside me.

"Forgiven you!

Aider Kwin

What would you do if you were in Audrey's shoes? 😩

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