At first I had been against the idea of needing any protection. I used to argue with him over his supposed paranoia but after the shit that occurred I was a willing participant in the need for more security. I didn't put up a fight when he said I was to stay at his place and considering how he said it the man wasn't asking at all.

We arrived at his building and when the doors to his home flung open I felt more comfortable immediately. I grew less tense as he led us inside and I settled onto the bed lying on top of the duvet suddenly feeling exhausted. He placed my things into the walk in closet and sat by my side. Glancing his way through my lashes I saw the dark look in his eyes, the intensity in his gaze pushing me to sit up, "I need to go deal with that asshole. Stay here and get some rest," he murmured. "Sounds like an order," I pointed out only to have him squeeze my thigh in response, "It was only a suggestion but whatever you decide to do it happens here and that's an order," h

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