Chapter 45. The Strategy

* Prince Vincent *

It's been three days since Alpha Li Jun left for the burial of his mate. I took charge of his pack while he is away and the first thing to be done is to know where the hide out of the rogue's leader in the East is located. I need to finish my task here and go back home.

"Your majesty, the rogue won't talk, it's been three days now. Worst is that some of them have given up the will to survive."

Alex shook his head while Caleb sighed and I just sat on the chair thinking about our current situation. We need an information of that hide out now or we will be staying here for a longer period of time.

"Let it be, it's about time you stop pressing them to talk. I have a better idea in my mind."

The eyes of the warriors and everybody in the function room are on me, wondering what I should say next.

"Why don't we let one of them go in a way he doesn'

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