Chapter 313

After ending the call with Archie, Uncle Suan's expression became somewhat sorrowful. He didn't blame young master for bringing up what happened back then. He could only blame himself for using his deep feelings back then to view that woman as more important than his own life. He had saved her from danger three times, but she still dared to shoot him.

All the affection and loyalty had been shattered by the bullet that passed through his shoulder. He felt a chill in his heart.

Uncle Suan was an old man, but he couldn't see through the barrier in his heart. Love was really a wonderful thing.

Emma did not know that Uncle Suan had secretly reported her activity to Archie. After she finished breakfast, she took a walk in the garden.

She wore a thick down jacket and a knitted hat. Her long black hair was tied up in front of her chest. Emma was as delicate and beautiful as a doll.

The snow in the backyard had not yet melted. Emma put on gloves, picked up the snow, and began to build snowmen.
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