Chapter 320

Archie only wanted to light a cigarette to ease his mood because he was feeling depressed. He glanced at Yunita, who was laying the bed.

Only then did he take the cigarette away. He said lightly. "You don't mind if I smoke here right?"

The man's soft voice sounded. It was polite and distant. It sounded like he was asking for her opinion.

Yunita's expression immediately became gentle. She bit on the lip and shook her head with a smile, "Of course I don't mind. Cousin, you look so handsome when you smoke. I have never seen a man who is so charming when smoking."

Archie was stunned by her praise. Then he said faintly. "Is that so? You and Emma really have two different personalities. When Emma see me smoke, her first reaction is to come over and snatch the cigarette from my hand and throw it into the trash can."

When mentioning the woman in his heart, Archie's eyes involuntarily softened a little.

Yunita was immediately surprised, "It can't be. I didn't expect Miss Emma to not allow you
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