Chapter 351

Emma raised her head and saw Yunita gritting her teeth. She sneered in her heart.

A woman's intuition was the most accurate. She felt that Yunita's feelings towards Archie was definitely not as simple as that of a cousin.

If Benny was Archie's uncle, Yunita was only his foster daughter. The two of them were not related by blood and did not seem to be a hindrance to their relationship.

Thinking of this, Emma's beautiful eyes couldn't help but look at Archie.

Archie had already put down the corner of her skirt like a gentleman and changed it to hugging her waist. "Let's go and say hello to my uncle."

Yunita immediately smiled and said, "This is Miss Emma's first time seeing my father."

"Yes!" Emma also replied with a fake smile.

What she was saying just now. At that moment, Benny came over with a smile on his face. "Chie, you are here!"

Yunita, who was standing beside him, suddenly spoke. "Dad, this Miss Emma is Vice President Dexon's daughter."

Emma was stunned and did not expect Yunit
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