Becky was so terrified as she saw what was going to happen if she didn't help. With how Logan is approaching Blair, there is no doubt that the children do not know what is happening, and the earlier she rushes there, the better it would be for them. 

Becky was still weak, her entire body ached her, but then, she knew that she could do it, well, if she plans to. 

"Children..." she screamed. 

This happens to be the worst mess of her entire life, the sound of her voice was ripped to her truth, she could barely make a sound that is audible, and merely thinking about it was offensive to her. 

"You are going to pay for this, Blair, I tell you the truth," Logan threatened his sister. 

This caused Becky to sense danger, she knew that she had to save the little girl, she definitely has to. 

Removing her hands from the window sill, Becky tried walking away, from it, and she found herself staggering. 

"Oh! if only this pain
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