"What was fast?" Azariah asked raising his brows at he. 

For the first time in many seconds, Becky was unable to answer his question, it is kind of Weird because she didn't even mean to say that. But then, she had said it, and the young man has heard it. 

"What is that about?" he inquired staring at her with bright eyes.

Becky's cheeks immediately turned pale, there is no doubt that she has to explain herself to the man standing in front of her, and it is surely going to be a pain in her ass, like seriously. She lifted her chin up, not wanting to be disrespectful to him, well, anything she does or say right now may sound as an offense to Azariah, but then, she knows that she barely have nothing to say right now, and even standing there leaning across the brown oak table was something she didn't expect to see. It is weird, her weight was already crushing the table but then, it was heavy, there is no doubt that she is going to be something else. 

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