Azariah's Truth

"Alright, that is quite funny, but then, are you serious?" Azariah inquired raising a brow at Becky. 

He can't possibly accept what his ears are hearing, thus he needs to be sure about what she is saying. 

"What the hell do you want? I am just being damn serious about what I just said," Becky murmured. 

Hearing these words, Azariah woke up quickly, it was brief but then, fast all the same. Grabbing the lady's arms, he pulled her towards himself as he muttered light words of endearment to her. 

"Come on, Becky, do not be this mean to me. Alright, I am sorry, but then, don't just walk away, huh!" Azariah begged as he d

rushed towards the lady's side. 

"Can we at least return to our seats now?" he inquired raising his brows while staring at her. 

At this moment, Becky nodded her head, it was bizarre for her to hear such things but then, she just had to slip her mind around these things because that is the way she does thi
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