" You both disrespected me, so no more outing again. "

Azariah said with a very loud voice as he wax actually speaking with a lot of authority in his voice. The anger that he was having at that time had actually made the veins on his hands to become more visible as he was not just happy at all with the children.

Blaire was feeling so bad that she became so speechless as she finally decided to talk to her father after a period of thinking about all what her father had just said at that time.

" But father, you said..... "

Blaire said with a very moderate and calm voice as she was actually trying to remind her father about all what he had actually said before. Her legs were literally shivering like never before as she did not even want to think of any other thing than the things that her father had promised before.

It wad totally unlike her father to give promises and he does not fulfill it at the end. Immediately as she was about to talk to her father, she bec
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