Movie night

We all are cheered to this business deal and started eating our dinner. 

Nadal and Apollo stand behind Alexander, throughout this meeting. 

They hadn't ate anything, untill the meeting was over. 

Rosy and I exchanged glances, and with all of our delegates we exchanged formal handshakes and stepped out of this exquisite hotel.

Rosy had a car came, she hopped in it and went back to her hotel. I still got confused why she is not staying with Alexander mansion and apart from that why Alexander is not telling me about this. Soon I'll find answers for sure. 

" You guys didn't eat anything " I said to Nadal and Apollo while walking to the car . 

" Haha, we eat only after we get into a relaxing mood " Apollo said like its an usual thing. 

" Why can't you guys had lunch, we will eat. I'm sure you guys are hungry "  I said to them. 

" Nope, its fine, it's our duty though " Said Nadal. 


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