Chapter 54: Day 18 (night)

Opening the door to the cabin, Yoanna gently carried Sinn’s body inside and laid her down upon the bed. Sitting down next to her, Yoanna took Sinn’s hand in hers and brushed the hair back from her brow and ran the backs of her fingers across her cheek. Her skin was still so warm and soft that if she didn’t look at the blood or her stillness she could fool herself that Sinn would open up her beautiful green eyes any moment and grumble at her softly for waking her while warming her heart and soul with the loving smile she reserved for her.

Leaning down, Yoanna caressed Sinn’s lips with her own. Filling her with power she begged and praying for her to wake up once more even though she knew it was pointless. There was no answering touch of power, no gentle stirring of lips. “Please come back to me, Sinn. I don’t want to go on without you.”

Biting back a sob, Yoanna straightened back up and wiped away the sting of tears. “This

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