Chapter 60: Day 22 (night)

From where she lay on the bed, her back propped up against the mountain of pillows, Yoanna watch as Sinn towelled her hair dry. Every move highlighted the muscles in her back and arms and had Yoanna’s eyes following their motion and the lines of them. She also discovered a hitherto unknown hatred of towels… in particular, the one that was wrapped around Sinn’s body and blocking her view. It was a hatred she realised she must have vocalized in some way as Sinn’s motions with the towel paused and she saw the sparkle of her green eyes from the curtain of her hair as well as a knowing smirk that told Yoanna that Sinn knew just what her moves were doing to her.

If it wasn’t for the delicious ache already settled into her muscles from their vigorous workout and even more vigorous show

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