Chapter 65: Day 23 (night)

While Ella jumped into Marcus’ arms with a squeal and started kissing him in delight as she took in the metallic shimmer of her eyes, Sinn moved further down the tunnel on her own.

She trailed her fingers and power down the perfect smoothness of wall to her left even though she could have walked right down the centre and reached out with her power and got the same feel and result.

Her mother had had no training and the only thing her Mentor had been interested in was of the painful physical kind. Most of her experience with using her power before had come on the job and until she had met Ella she had thought, and been told, that being able to sense Vampires and Werewolves was magic and therefore a sin in the eyes of God and the church. But it was also a tool to be used to get back into His good graces.

Ella had helped her to see what she had always felt, that he was using it to control her with fear. And then there was Yoanna. Sinn smiled just thinking abo

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