The Call

“How many buckets of water are we going to need?” Hea Bum asked while looking at the plants with his hands in the back of his head.

“Ten would be enough,” said Jan Lee while holding the rope.

“What? Grht! That is so tiring,” he shook his head with a downed shoulder.

“Do not worry, I will be the one to carry it. All you have to do is to sprinkle the water into the plants,” Jan Lee responded.

“Uh! That would be nice. I agree with that,” Hea Bum replied while holding the sprinkler, giving him a thumbs up. “Hey! How is Angela? Did she send you a message?” he asked while grinning at Jan Lee.

“What? I do not know. Of course, she would be in her house right now or with other friends,” Jan Lee answered while raising his shoulders.

“Hmm! Anyway, we will know it. If you do not send her a message, then maybe she will call you. Hey! Jan Lee, are you numb? I think she would call you that. Hah ha! ha!” then he acts calling teasing him. “Just kidding

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