Chapter 13

I was stunned by the noise I heard. I got up and looked at the door where I could hear the noise outside. 

"Sir, you really can't come in." 

The door immediately opened by force and I saw both Hilda and Logan. I looked at them, so Hilda fell silent. 

"Good morning!" Logan greeted but I ignored him and looked at Hilda. 

"What's the matter, Hilda?" I asked. 

"Sir Logan insisted on coming in here, ma'am. I knew you'd get angry, ma'am, but he really insisted." Hilda explained. 

I looked at Logan and he looked at me. 

I took a deep breath before speaking. 

"It's okay, Hilda. We'll talk too." I said. 

"But, ma'am, maybe I can be with you--" 

What she was going to say was cut short when I spoke. 

"It's really okay, Hilda. I'll just call you when I feel anything." I said with a smile. 

She took a deep breath before nodding. I keep smiling as I watch

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